Class, Please Take Out Your Phones: Technology and Social Media in the Classroom.
This presentation was originally written for the Marianist Education Consortium's 2012 Summer Workshop in 2012. It was revised and updated for the National Catholic Educator Association 2013 Conference. 
Focus on: 
  • cell phones, social networks, and teen use statistics of each 
  • use of cell phones (more prevalent that laptops or tablets) in the classroom and teaching the responsible use of this technology. 
  • A walk-through of the online side of my classroom, including news distribution and content hosting.    
See the presentation (prezi) here.  
Pitfalls of Online Resources
Focus on:
  • risks of using online resrouces
  • basic security practices (passwords, backups, and recovery) 
  • keep your resources safe (two-factor authentication)
See the PDF of the keynote presentation here.

Google in the Classroom
Focus on:
  • using Google services in your teaching both for student-facing assets and personal organization. 
  • focus on the collaborative aspects of each service discussed 
  • Note: Some services like reader are being discontinued. 
See the PDF of the presentation here.  

Opponents of Oppressive Regimes
This is a presentation given at Nolan's Universal Reading Day in the fall of 2012. URD is a school-wide event that focuses on a single book that is read by the entire school. The book that year was The Hunger Games. This presentation was given by myself and Michael Edghill. 
Focus on:
  • oppressive regimes in the world today, how they operate and how they stay in power. 
  • state control / censorship of the media and the internet worldwide 
  • opponents of these regimes
  • parallels between the novel and these real-world examples. 
See the presentation (Prezi) here