About Me

Who am I?
My name is John Skees. Here's my card.

I have been teaching in some form or another since 2008, mostly social studies. This year I teach Economics (one semester,  core, 12th) and Macroeconomics AP (elective, 12th) at A Catholic high school in Ft. Worth, Texas. I also assist another teacher (she does all the work) with a Broadcast Journalism class. I am the after school program four out of five days a week. I run a number of websites and social media accounts for my classes and I also write another blog for teachers at my school, the purpose of which is to introduce them to new tech in the classroom. I am also married. What time I have left in the week is spent here.

What is this place?
I threw this site together for all the bits and pieces that don't belong on my other classroom sites. (Check the links for those) It has turned into a place where I write about teaching....and the place where I throw all the bits that don't fit. Here you will find student work (academic and otherwise) that I am proud of or just want to share. You will also find classroom artifacts, observations on technology in the classroom, announcements, and other stuff I find around the building. This site may change frequently as I play with new ideas. It may grow stagnant and die (although I don't want it to, this is practice). It may disappear altogether some day. See my compliance statement here.

I should add...
This site is not for students, but I won't go to any effort to keep them out. (How am I supposed to teach them about being open and creative if I hide the stuff I do in my spare time?) We are supposed to model responsible behavior right?  Besides, if they really wanted in (which they won't, there is far more interesting stuff on Reddit) they would find a way. (Lesson over, get back to work.)

Meanwhile, on the internet....
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