Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's Been a Long Year...

It's funny how things work out. This academic year has been the most rewarding of the five or so
years I have been a teacher. It has also been the most difficult. There are a lot of things I have wanted to write about this year, but I never had the time. This year has seen a lot of things change. More than I thought could change in a year. It will take some time adapt. Some things will require more time than others.

I believe that I have been spoiled these past few years. I taught seniors this year. By a series of happy accidents I have been given the privilege of teaching these same students as many as three years in a row. (Four years, if you count my time as a sub.)

For all I know it happens all the time. But it felt special to me.

These students did me the honor of requesting that I give the invocation at their graduation. Several people have asked me for the text. (May it be a sign that this blog is not quite dead yet.) Next year is going to feel like my first year all over again.

God our Father,

Thank you for this day, and for everything that brought us to it. Thank you for the gift of these students, for the parents and family, for the faculty and staff, for all those assembled here, and for those who could not be with us. Thank you for helping us to guide these youth with patience, and with understanding, and with love.

Thank you for giving us the strength to reach this day, from you when we needed it, from each other when we forgot you, or thought you absent. For it is you who gave us each other. It is you who gave us this time together.

After this day, let these young men and women be lights in new places. As they were for each other, as they were for us, though we are now a little dimmer with their passing. 

And please God, keep them safe.