Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Our Room...

Merry Christmas Mr. Skees!

For your gift, we decided to flood your classroom. Now we know you could smell it from the top of the stairs, so it isn't that much of a surprise. You can say goodbye to those stacks of paperwork neatly organized and filed you left on by your desk before break, and pretty much anything else you left on the floor. We missed your furniture (but might not next time, you never know), but we did manage to kill all of the boxes of tissue left from the last semester your students gave you. Now, you might be thinking that you get new carpet out of it, but just remember...they still don't know where the water came from....but cheer up! You get to teach in the auditorium for at least a week!

It's our room. 


The ghosts of band members past

I found the above scrawled onto my office window. It only showed up after I kicked the AC on and the glass fogged up.